Fives' Skillz!

2015-08-23 19:06:17 by shakescakes297

Recently I've been making these videos showing my friends "skillz." Please check them out. I've worked hard on editing them.

New Comic

2015-08-02 04:17:50 by shakescakes297

New comic:




Tell me what you think!

New Comic

2015-07-24 23:58:56 by shakescakes297

Here's that comic you wanted, SaucyBird



































ParTOBA 26 Subtitles!

2015-07-23 13:43:41 by shakescakes297

I made Subtitles for this funny Brazilian comedy show ParTOBA:

I have an idea for the comic












































But I've just started thinking. :P

So, I might make this comic series, but...


For now... don't worry about it.
























TheNewCrew, Upcoming Animation, and Annoying Bob

2015-06-19 03:04:29 by shakescakes297

HelloDoing an update hereSo I'd like to talk abot my new account for collabs, TheNewCrew. It isn't specificly for collabs with me, though. It's a place for all animators alike. Aspiring animators as well as animators that are acustomed to Newgrounds. I would like to start a crew so animators can collab with each other. Also, I want to make Newgrounds more relevant again. A famous "go-to" place. So, PM me ('Cause I don't have link to it) so I can redirect you to TheNewCrew's page. Also, tell everybody you know about it. That'd be really nice. :).                                                                                                             

Let's talk about my upcoming animation. I will start production on it June 21. All I can say is it's gonna be really coolDon't blam it!  

Also, I need help with my project me and my friend (mostly my friend) want to make called Annoying Bob. We need animators. I have to figure out how I would figure out how to pay them, but the I probably won't, so if you're if expecting to be paid, sorry. I'm only 13!

So that's it! I would really want friends on Newgrounds, so please share my page and all that goodness! 

Thanks to you all!

---S. August Salm                                                                                                                                                                                                

Animations Coming Soon!

2014-03-08 13:58:56 by shakescakes297

Want animations from me? Well I have made some animations, but that didn't turn out too well. So, want to see animations? Then don't blam them!